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  • Flower Tattoos for Women

    Flowers are one of the most representative symbols of women, they have always been used to beautify and flatter ladies, but not only that, they also have a wide symbolism in the field of tattoos, so in this article we will show you some meanings […] More

  • Creative Tattoo Ideas For Women

    There are tattoos that you have that are great and then you come and discover these new designs, unlike tattoos that you get on a whim during a night out or a vacation, these tattoos are well thought out, designed and worked, perfect. So sit […] More

  • Best Tattoo Ideas for Women on the Spine 2021

    Compilation of Tattoos on the Spine In this gallery I have compiled some ideas for tattoos on the spine for women, due to the shape of the spine as its name says, they tend to be spiky tattoos or very thin lines that go according […] More

  • Creative Tattoo Ideas for Women

    Delicate and beautiful tattoos for women, within which you will find very subtle designs in pastel colors, that we are sure you will adore, you can also be inspired by them if what you are looking for is a new tattoo, since you will find […] More

  • 25 Arm Tattoo Ideas for Women

    While tattoos used to be taboo, they are now widely accepted and considered a very popular body jewelry. Both men and many women get a tattoo to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality. But since a tattoo is usually something very personal, […] More

  • 20 Tattoo Ideas for Women 2021

    Not all women like small tattoos with hearts or infinity or things like that, there are women who like to wear this art in all its expression, in the most visible parts of the body with large tattoos that do not go unnoticed. We invite […] More

  • The 40 most beautiful tattoo designs for women 2021

    Where do womens tattoos look good? What are the best tattoos for women, the most beautiful, delicate, fine and with meanings? Is it your first tattoo or do you want to know more about what types are more with your way of being. Well, here […] More

  • Best Floral Tattoos on Arms for Women

    Flower Tattoos are one of the favorite designs of women and also of some men, without a doubt the flowers look incredible in combination with any other totem when it comes to getting a tattoo. Each flower has or represents a different meaning, that is […] More

  • Best Full Sleeve Tattoos for Men and Women

    You cant go wrong with a full sleeve tattoo. From Japanese designs to something black and white, there are so many options to choose from. This is also an excellent option for those who wish to work their illustration on the back. Let your personality […] More

  • Colorful Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women 2021

    Tattoos with Flowers are preferred by both women and some men as they have a wide meaning, it is for them that on our site you will find more than one gallery dedicated to this type of tattoos, due to its great acceptance and demand. […] More

  • Beautiful Rose Tattoos on Hands for Women

    Rose tattoos have been a popular choice for people for many decades. With a history dating back to the 1930s, there is a reason it remains one of the most sought after tattoo designs. These pieces are beautiful, subtle and daring at the same time. […] More

  • Top 15 Anchor Tattoos for Women

    Anchor tattoos are very popular nowadays and it is not only men, women also love to get tattooed with these amazing tattoos. One thing, they look simple, classy and elegant. More than that, the symbolism of anchor tattoos is what attracts most of the people. […] More

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