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  • Nape Tattoo Ideas

    Nape tattoos are a great option for men and women looking for a small tattoo that can be easily hidden. The tattoos for the neck do not have to be small, they can also create large and beautiful tattoos as we see in the previous […] More

  • 40 tattoo ideas for women

    If you are thinking of getting a new tattoo, you have come to one of our newest galleries on Tattoo Designs for Women. Tattoo Designs for Women In this gallery you will find a good number of tattoos of various styles and sizes, which will […] More

  • Anchor Tattoo Ideas for Women

    Below you can see some anchor tattoo designs for women, the designs can be used in men as well, but they are focused on women since they are combined with objects such as flowers or referring to women. Anchor Tattoos These tattoos are commonly used […] More

  • Travel or Destination Inspired Tattoo Ideas

    Many remember the places where they have traveled with a postcard, or some magnet on the refrigerator or perhaps a keychain, but we tattoo lovers carry our love for travel on our skin, and this gallery reflects that feeling and affection for 2 great loves, […] More

  • Wrist Tattoo Ideas

    The wrist has always been a very attractive tattoo spot. It is where we put our watches and bracelets so it is not surprising that the wrist is a popular choice for placing a tattoo as a body adornment. But before taking the step, make […] More

  • Magical 3D Tattoo Images 2021

    3D Tattoo Ideas In this tattoo gallery we will not analyze any symbolism or meaning, since I show you a great variety of 3d tattoos of many types and styles. With advances in technology, it is possible to create more colorful and better quality tattoos, […] More

  • The Best Ankle Tattoo Ideas

    Ankle Tattoo Ideas This type of Ankle Tattoos is normally chosen by women, since they are usually small tattoos, but this is not a rule, neither the size nor the gender, men also wear large tattoos on their ankles. For women these tattoos on the […] More

  • The Best Anchor Tattoo Images

    Anchor Tattoo Ideas Youre probably thinking of getting anchor tattoos, thats why youve come this far, or just out of curiosity, but I know whatever the case may be, let me tell you that here you will find the symbolism of the anchors as well […] More

  • The Best Flower or rose tattoo Ideas

    Flower tattoos are very popular in different styles, sizes and colors. They make the tattoo look more attractive and pretty, if the tattoos are too simple, you can add some beautiful flowers to make it look fuller. On this occasion we bring you some ideas […] More

  • The Best Maori Tattoo Ideas

    Maori Tattoo Ideas In this gallery of Maori Tattoos, in addition to showing you a large catalog of tattoos, we will tell you a little about their history and their symbolism. The Maori are an indigenous people that originated in New Zealand. They have a […] More

  • The Best Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

    Tattoo Ideas for Best Friends There are friendships that last a lifetime, as well as promises between friends that should last a lifetime, and many are signed with Tattoos between friends, thats why in this article I bring you a gallery of the best Tattoos […] More

  • The Best Arm Tattoo Ideas

    Armband Tattoo Ideas The tattoos in the form of armbands adopt a wide variety of styles and are normally used by men, but this is not a rule there are also women who opt for this type of tattoos, so in this post we bring […] More

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