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  • Unique and Creative Heartwarming Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

    Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Ideas Breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases plaguing women around the world these days and this is the reason why ordinary people as well as celebrities are getting involved. actively in awareness programs against the disease. The Breast Cancer […] More

  • Unique and Creative Memorial Tattoos

    In Memory of Something Tattoo Ideas Tattoo art is not only an impressive way to beautify your body, but it is also something that helps you express the feelings and attitude of each person. Another key aspect of tattoos is that they can be used […] More

  • Unique and Creative Tattoos for women

    Irresistible Tattoos For Women The art of tattooing has a wide range of designs, styles and forms, and on several occasions we have dedicated entire galleries of tattoos for women of a single style or of a single form. In this article we want to […] More

  • Unique and Creative Lotus Flower Tattoos

    Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs are widely preferred by tattoo lovers all over the world. Popular with both men and women, the lotus design is not only revered for its beauty, but also because it reflects deep spiritual meaning. The flower grows […] More

  • Unique and Creative Foot Tattoos

    These Foot Tattoos for Women and Men will undoubtedly be of great inspiration if you are looking for an idea to get a new tattoo on your feet. But first, lets analyze a little what a tattoo on our feet can symbolize, and here several […] More

  • Unique and Creative Sketch Tattoo

    In other articles we have shared that with the passage of time, tattoo lovers have evolved this practice, in terms of techniques and style, such as the one that we will talk about and show some ideas today, and these are Tattoos in the Form […] More

  • Creative and Great Skull Tattoos (2021)

    In this article you can enjoy various designs of Tattoos with Skulls or Skulls with a lot of color or combined with some other objects such as roses or animals. These skull tattoos combine several techniques but the one that makes them more attractive is […] More

  • Creative and Great Dog Tattoos (2021)

    Puppies are the most sought after pets by human beings, they come to be considered as mans best friend, since they show an extraordinary affection and loyalty to their masters, and many people to remember them make dog tattoos. Many people even get to tattoo […] More

  • Creative and Great Tattoos With Graphics (2021)

    These Graphic Tattoo designs are very striking and modernist, and although they are only in black ink they have an incredible beauty and style. The style used by this artist is based on Electric, Dynamic, Kinetic and the color black. His designs are based on […] More

  • Creative and Great Artist Mo Ganji tattoos (2021)

    Mo Ganji is an Artist who currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where he makes true works of art with a unique and original style, today we give you a gallery of Tattoos of the Artist Mo Ganji and his extraordinary one-line style. Tattoo Gallery of […] More

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