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  • Amazing Ideas for Ear Piercings

    Ear Piercings If you are looking for ideas for Ear Piercings, in this article you will find a large number of piercing ideas as well as different earrings, which will undoubtedly inspire you to get one. Visit our Tattoo Galleries Ideas for Ear Piercings Ear […] More

  • Amazing Marvel tattoos and their Super Heroes

    Marvel Tattoo Designs Marvel as everyone knows or at least should know is an American Comics publisher, which özgü been characterized by its emblematic characters or heroes such as: Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Dead Pool, Wolverine , just to mention a few, […] More

  • Amazing Tattoos Inspired by Works of Art

    The Tattoos Inspired by Works of Art, are a replica of the original work but in another type of canvas, the skin many lovers of tattoo art and contemporary works fuse their passions in beautiful tattoos as you can see in the following gallery. 19 […] More

  • Amazing Panther tattoos

    Panther Tattoos have several symbolic meanings, but normally they all lean more towards the mysterious and mythological side of this animal. Panther Tattoos Panthers have been recognized by various cultures as a powerful and protective animal, like other cats such as the tiger or the […] More

  • Amazing Scorpion tattoos

    Scorpions or scorpions are considered evil animals, they are mostly related to evil, revenge and death, but even so there are tattoo lovers who find a representative symbol for them, so in this article we bring you a great gallery of Scorpion Tattoos o Alacranes […] More

  • Amazing Basketball Inspired Tattoos

    Basketball or Basketball Inspired Tattoo Ideas For lovers of basketball or basketball, one of the most practiced sports on earth, which özgü had great representatives, such as Michael Jordan just to mention one, we have compiled several Tattoo Ideas Inspired by the Basketball or Basketball […] More

  • Amazing Tattoo Ideas With Perfect Symmetry

    Symmetrical Tattoos have a more complex elaboration, since they require almost perfect precision so that they can look spectacular, and it is a tattoo that is divided into 2 parts as seen in this gallery, which can well be divided into the arms or legs […] More

  • Amazing Tattoos That Will Make You Quit Your Job

    There are a large number of designs and styles of tattoos, as well as many areas where this type of art can be captured, but as in every situation in life there are those who take it to the extreme. In this article we show […] More

  • Best Amazing Snake Between Flowers Tattoo on Back

    Incredible Tattoo on the back of this woman, the tattoo is of a snake among flowers Look at these other 50 Incredible tattoos on the back Amazing tattoo of Snake between flowers on the back Incredible Tattoo on the back of this woman, the tattoo […] More

  • Best Amazing Tattoos Inspired by Wild Felines

    There are many felines in which you can be inspired for a tattoo, each animal will have a different symbolism, you should look for the one that most resembles your idea, in Tattoo Galleries we have many ideas of feline tattoos as well as their […] More

  • Amazing and Colorful Watercolor Tattoos by Pablo Ortiz

    Pablo Ortiz He is a Spanish tattoo artist, who creates colorful designs with watercolor tones regardless of whether it is a symbol, an object or even a pet, he gives life with all impressive to his creations, today we will show you some of their […] More

  • 20 Amazing Old School Tattoo Designs

    During the last years or decades, tattoos have changed remarkably in terms of technique and colors, so this has created 2 trends, Old school tattoos and new school tattoos, lets analyze what each one is based on. them and an old school gallery. Photos of […] More

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