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  • Beautiful Tattoos Representing Family Union

    One of the things that is sought when a tattoo is made is that it has great symbolism and the Tattoos that represent the Family Union are a great example of this. The word family comes from the Latin family from famulus, which in turn […] More

  • Nape Tattoo Ideas

    Nape tattoos are a great option for men and women looking for a small tattoo that can be easily hidden. The tattoos for the neck do not have to be small, they can also create large and beautiful tattoos as we see in the previous […] More

  • Anchor Tattoo Ideas for Women

    Below you can see some anchor tattoo designs for women, the designs can be used in men as well, but they are focused on women since they are combined with objects such as flowers or referring to women. Anchor Tattoos These tattoos are commonly used […] More

  • Travel or Destination Inspired Tattoo Ideas

    Many remember the places where they have traveled with a postcard, or some magnet on the refrigerator or perhaps a keychain, but we tattoo lovers carry our love for travel on our skin, and this gallery reflects that feeling and affection for 2 great loves, […] More

  • Wrist Tattoo Ideas

    The wrist has always been a very attractive tattoo spot. It is where we put our watches and bracelets so it is not surprising that the wrist is a popular choice for placing a tattoo as a body adornment. But before taking the step, make […] More

  • Magical Images of Tattoos with Knives 2021

    If you are thinking of tattooing a knife or razor, before you must analyze well what are your motives and what is the meaning of Tattoos with Knives or their symbols. Knives are usually related to judicial execution, death, revenge or sacrifice, as well as […] More

  • Magical Head Tattoos 2021

    Head Tattoo Ideas Head tattoos are one of the most difficult tattoos to achieve for several reasons, it is one of the most painful and the surface is not the most conducive to tattooing. This is why you really need to think twice and take […] More

  • Unique and Creative Eye Tattoos

    Ideas for Tattoos In The Eyes Tattoo lovers are always looking for new techniques and new challenges to create art on their body and this time they have gone a little further, the Eye Tattoos is a new trend among lovers of this art and […] More

  • Unique and Creative Black and White Rose Tattoos

    Rose Tattoo Designs Rose tattoos are one of the favorite tattoos for women, roses or flowers are one of the most beautiful plants in the world and are normally used to compliment women on some special day. Red roses are mainly related to femininity and […] More

  • Unique and Creative Calf tattoos

    Images of Tattoos on the Calf Tattoos are a great way to attract attention to your person, as well as make a subtle statement of your personality and attitude and the part of the body where we decide to tattoo plays a fundamental part with […] More

  • Unique and Creative Heartwarming Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

    Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Ideas Breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases plaguing women around the world these days and this is the reason why ordinary people as well as celebrities are getting involved. actively in awareness programs against the disease. The Breast Cancer […] More

  • Unique and Creative Memorial Tattoos

    In Memory of Something Tattoo Ideas Tattoo art is not only an impressive way to beautify your body, but it is also something that helps you express the feelings and attitude of each person. Another key aspect of tattoos is that they can be used […] More

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