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  • Paper Airplane Tattoo Ideas for Travel Lovers

    We all once made or played with a paper airplane when we were children, of the few and small things with a simplicity that could keep us entertained, nowadays many people use them to represent their love of travel or vacations, we created a small […] More

  • 20 Adorable Tattoos in Honor of Grandparents

    Are your grandparents important in your life and do you want to mark all the feelings you have for them? So, the tattoo in honor of grandparents is a good option. There are minimalist, realistic designs and even with objects full of meaning. To help […] More

  • Jesus Christ Tattoos: 20 Inspirational Ideas Full of Faith

    If youve ever thought about getting a Jesus Christ tattoo, but havent chosen exactly what it will look like, this post can help you. Below you can consult dozens of tattoo references, from the most discreet and minimalist to those full of color and personality. […] More

  • 20 of the best tattoos on the palms of your hands

    As with neck tattoos, not everyone agrees that inking the palms is a good idea. The palms are different from most other locations on the body because their calloused skin presents the artist with a complicated texture to work with. Palm tattoos are also very […] More

  • Creative Forest Tattoo Designs and Ideas

    Nature is the most beautiful gift this world has to offer. From bodies of water and clear blue skies, to plains for miles and forests filled with dense fields, the world is a beautiful place to explore and admire. What better way to express your […] More

  • 20 Creative Ear Tattoos That Are More Fun Than Wearing Earrings

    You listened? Ear tattoos are a great way to adorn your body with art. Often small and relatively discreet they decorate this delicate part of the head with floral and geometric motifs and even characters such as The Little Prince. Although they can be small, […] More

  • This Artist Performs Incredible Floral Tattoos in Gray Tones

    Jessica Navas is a young tattoo artist, who enjoys making the most accurate floral tattoos you can see, but not only that, she also creates incredible nature-based tattoos. As we have discussed before, nature is so immense that we can find infinite details to inspire […] More

  • Creative Coordinated Tattoos to be done as a Couple

    Couples tattoos are highly criticized, and is that currently couples do not last as long as 50 years ago, hence they are so criticized, especially when it comes to the name of the couple. That is why we recommend you if you are very in […] More

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