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  • Tattoo ideas inspired by landscapes of Cities

    The landscapes of cities are also a source of inspiration for tattoo lovers, those who appreciate the horizon or the great landscapes of some cities have chosen to bring these to their skin by means of ink. If you are someone who admires the great […] More

  • Lovely Josie Sexton Tattoos

    Cute watercolor tattoos that will fascinate you! Directly from Middlesbrough, UK, today well introduce you to a little of the work of European tattoo artist Josie Sexton. Josie likes to explore the watercolor style a lot and has excelled with the technique and is highly […] More

  • Best Unique Tattoos For Men 2021

    If you are looking for something original, or a tattoo that does not look like any other, you have come to the right place, today we bring you a compilation of epic tattoos for men, unique tattoos from which you can draw inspiration for your […] More

  • Best Car Tattoos 2021

    We all have passions, one of them is tattoos, if not why would we be here? but this passion is almost most of the time combined with some other, in this case the cars. We have compiled the best ideas for car tattoos so that […] More

  • Best Tattoos with Gems 2021

    Collection of Tattoos with Gems Gems or precious stones have served as adornment or ornament for men and women for many years, the kings used them in their crowns, currently few are able to have this type of stones since their cost is very high. […] More

  • Best Tattoo Ideas Inspired by Aztec culture 2021

    Visually stunning, mysterious, steeped in history, and packed with deep meanings, they sound like an ideal choice for tattoos, dont they? Well, all these descriptions can be adapted to tattoo designs based on Aztec symbols and their culture. The fact is that the Aztec civilization […] More

  • Best Mother Tattoos Ideas 2021

    There is nothing more powerful than a bond between mother and child. She will always be the first woman in his life and will grow up to be his godfather forever and ever. From the first moment she holds him in her arms, everything changes […] More

  • Best Dragon Tattoo Ideas 2021

    The dragon is a popular and powerful design worn by both women and men, and although it can be designed in various sizes, the details and shading that go into most renderings often make this tattoo a larger project. Some of the attributes and traits […] More

  • Best Leg Tattoo Ideas 2021

    People can feel overwhelmed when they start to get a leg tattoo, as these are usually large tattoos, although it is usually not the first tattoo someone gets, if you have to be sure of the design. Leg tattoos are loved by girls and women […] More

  • Realistic Tattoo Ideas [3D]

    Inal Berserk leaves everyone impressed with her work. His tattoos are becoming so famous that the tattoo artist is traveling around the world to fill orders, including some celebrities like Canadian rapper Drake. More information: Facebook The Belgian tattoo artist makes realistic tattoos that give […] More

  • Tattoo Ideas on Ears

    Remember when you finally got your ears pierced in high school only to find out that double piercings were suddenly the trend? And when you got double piercings, did you find that cartilage piercings were the trend? And when you refused to get cartilage piercings […] More

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