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  • Amazing Marvel tattoos and their Super Heroes

    Marvel Tattoo Designs Marvel as everyone knows or at least should know is an American Comics publisher, which özgü been characterized by its emblematic characters or heroes such as: Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Dead Pool, Wolverine , just to mention a few, […] More

  • Best Tattoos inspired by the character of Medusa

    The infamous Medusa is the main character in one of the most popular stories in Greek and Roman mythologies. Part of Medusas story dates back at least to Homers Iliad, but it is in a late version of the Roman poet Ovids Metamorphosis myth that […] More

  • More than 30 tattoos Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

    Among Disney classics, Beauty and the Beast serves as the perfect inspiration for a tattoo, as the movies themes can appeal to anyone. The story of a strong woman who surpasses the limits of her world and achieves her dreams, a young man finds the […] More

  • The best Eevee tattoo ideas the cutest Pokemon

    Eevee have been described as “one of the cutest and most varied of all Pokémon, the popularity of Eevee and its Eeveelutions descendants has spread to the world of tattoo design, with many of the mysterious species of Pokémon chosen for impressive displays of individual […] More

  • Tattoos Inspired by Dragon Ball by Juan David Hurtado

    Juan David Hurtado is a Colombian artist, one of his most prominent styles is focused on anime, particularly in the Dragon Ball series and we want to show you some of his great works. These works stand out for the realism and the amount of […] More

  • Amazing Queen of Swords Tattoos

    If the queen of spades were a royal person, she would be intuitive, wise, and group discipline! Whether its just the symbol or the entire card design, a Queen of Spades tattoo looks interesting! Thinking of getting one yourself? You are reading the correct article! […] More

  • 15 tattoos impressed by the magical world of Harry Potter

    Most of us grew up with the adventures of Harry Potter, And whereas we did not get our letter from Howgarts at age 11, we have been delivered with the primary e-book within the collection, which seems to be a lot the identical. And the […] More